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What Not to Do When Buying Diamond Jewellery


With the famous line "diamonds are forever", many of those who want to express their love and affection for their special someone have turned to purchasing diamond jewellery to best represent their feelings. Yes, diamonds can last for a very long time, and they will always be in demand which is why they make a worthy investment aside from just a dazzling gift. Of course, not everyone can be a jewellery expert and that's why lots of people have fallen into bad deals, paying unreasonable amounts for diamonds that just don't cut it.


Find out what you shouldn't do when buying women's wedding bands to steer clear of this common pitfall.


  1. Don't Rely on Prices - The best rule of thumb to follow when buying diamonds is to not rely on prices in making your decision. There are a lot of poor quality diamonds that are priced too high all because they come from a well-known brand. There are also diamonds that are priced way too low for their quality because they're being sold by an unknowing private individual. However buyers aren't likely to pick up on these deals, assuming that low prices mean bad quality. That said, it's always best to base your decision on the diamond itself and not the price. A good diamond doesn't have to be too expensive, but a bad one won't always be cheap. Steer clear of these poor deals and see if the diamond you're buying matches up to its price.


  1. Don't Believe Sales Talk - If you visit a diamond retailer, you're likely to be guided through the buying process by one of their sales representatives. These people are rarely ever trained in the realm of diamonds, and are more likely to simply be sales specialists hoping to secure a sure buyer to get a commission. That said, don't believe sales talk from any individual whose job it is to get you to buy a diamond as what they say might not always be the complete truth. Instead, have a trusted jeweller help you through the process and guide you towards identifying the right diamond for you. For more details about wedding rings, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amber-trimble/why-i-dont-wear-my-engagement-ring_b_8170510.html.


  1. Don't Leave Without the Necessary Documents - Diamonds can be very expensive, and for many, they're even considered a lifetime investment. Don't be quick to make a purchase if there are no documents that come along with the piece. Be sure to get your unique code engraved on the diamond's girdle to prevent loss and don't forget to get your ownership papers and whatever other documents you might need to prove your purchase. Please check out http://simonwestjewellery.com/ if you have questions.